International Day Against Homophobia


I have some pretty cool cyber-friends or as my buddy in Europe says – friends in her computer.  I’ve been blogging for a year or two before starting with this blog and have found other people’s blogs to read and comment on.  After a while you start to feel like you know the person writing and you get to learn about their families and their lives and they feel like friends or friendly acquaintances.

Some of the blogs I’ve enjoyed reading the most have been from three separate parents who are raising young children.  Great writers, very entertaining, sometimes lots of fantastic pictures.  Two of the sets of parents are gay couples that have twins (one female couple and one male couple) and one blog is a ‘straight’ lady who is raising what’s called a gender creative little boy.  I doesn’t occur to me how much these folks put their families at risk by writing these blogs because apparently I live in a bubble of rainbows and unicorns – until something happens.  It’s kind of unreal when it does.

The male couple have received numerous comments that are hateful in nature to the point that I’m fearing for their safety.  The female couple had to pull their blog due to their family becoming at risk (I LOVED that blog too, such awesome writing and photography).  The lady who is raising her gender creative child is starting to come under fire from various sources, implying what a bad mother she is for letting her boy-child dress up in dresses if he wants versus trying to force him into the mold of what society thinks a little boy should look like and toys they should play with.

The suicide rate for teenagers is high enough as most of us know, but it is particularly high in the LGBTQ community.  That’s not because these kids are born with higher rates of depression – that’s because of us.  We’re the reason for it and we’re to blame and that’s not okay.  It’s the mentality of the very people who imply that we are bad parents and bad people if we allow or accept our children, family, friends and neighbours to live in peace and not have to hide who they are because of fear that someone is going to hurt them or something bad is going to happen to their family.

There was once upon a time when society thought that being left-handed was the sign of the devil.  My dad has his left arm strapped down in the all-boys school he attended as a child.  We now know it is hard-wired into us.

There was once upon a time when different cultures thought that being epileptic was a sign of the devil.  There is one culture, I can’t remember which one now, but they used to drill holes into the skulls of epileptic patients trying to “let the devil out”.  We now know it is a neurological condition.

There was once upon a time when religions thought that schizophrenics were possessed by the devil (or in some cases, received special messages from god).  There were and in some places, still are, many instances of exorcism to try to drive out the devil and bring the person peace.  We now know that schizophrenia is a neurological condition or illness depending on how you look at it.

If aliens landed in the field behind my office, yeah, I might be scared and not really open to running over and making friends but why on earth are we so scared of each other when we’re all the same?

Today, May 17th, is International Day Against Homophobia.  Pay attention to your words and your actions and show your support.  Equality for all humans shouldn’t be something people have to fight for, it should be their right.


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