Please click on the link to download resources.

Criminal Harassment

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence / Dating Violence

Living Beyond the Murder of a Loved One 

Have You Been A Victim of Crime

Safety Planning for Seniors

Safety Planning for Seniors – French

Seven Simple Ways to Support Those Who Grieve

Domestic Abuse and Safety Planning

Post Traumatic Stress

Safety Tip Brochure

Safety Planning Brochures – Stranger Violence

Building a Safer Home Environment

Living With a Partner

Not Living With Your Abuser

Internet Safety Planning

Teen Safety Planning

Children’s Safety Plan

Senior Safety Plan

 Grief and Bereavement Brochures – How To Support Someone Who Is Grieving

A Guide To Funerals and Funeral Planning

Helping Children Cope with Grief

Grief After Suicide

Homicide Survivors – Dealing With Grief

What to do After a Fire

Navigating the Canadian Justice System – A Guide for Victims

Do You Know a Woman Who is Being Abused – A Legal Rights Handbook

How To Talk To Children About Murder / Suicide

Identity Theft

A Guide to Parenting Arrangements After Separation and Divorce

Information for Kids After Separation and Divorce

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault

Victims of Crime – Research Digest 2014

NFF Elder Abuse

NFF How To Identify Elder Abuse

NFF How To Help An Abused Family Member

NFF Elder Abuse – French

NFF How to Identify Abuse – French

NFF How to Help – French









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