Hey mama, we are live!  Welcome to Victim Services of Leeds & Grenville’s first step into the blogging world.  Some of us have a little experience with the blogging world and some of us have a little experience in regards to writing things that later on get published or shared with others so it only made sense to combine the two and voila! Here we are.

If you’re not familiar with Victim Services, you can read a wee bit about us in the About tab and I would strongly encourage everyone to check out our Disclaimer page.  Our goal with this blog is to inform, educate and provide awareness to the vast aspects of Victim Services and the issues we deal with on a regular basis.  We might write about things lots of folks try really hard not to talk about but we are not trying to be antagonistic, confrontational or controversial in nature.  It’s all about knowledge (knowledge is power and all that) and as always, we will do our best to share that knowledge in the most respectful way possible.  By the same token, we will be moderating all comments which means we won’t be allowing anything to go live that is abusive, disrespectful or intentionally antagonistic in nature.  My days of shock and awe have long since past (probably to relief of many).

Some of our posts may have photos but they are not photos of anyone in particular and they are not photographs of anyone involved with victim services as a staff, volunteer or client.  Feel free to run off to our facebook page for photographs from some of our events if you want to see what we’re up to!  Some of our posts may have small stories embedded into them but again, these are not stories of anyone in particular.  Think of them as collective examples of things we have learned over the years.  For the most part, the blog posts will follow themes and special days put aside to honor different groups or events or individuals.  For example, May is Sexual Abuse / Assault Prevention month so most of the blog posts will be centered around that theme.  The next month could very well be “hug a firefighter” month, or something like that.

For those of you that are familiar with us, you know that no matter how hard we may plan to post in here regularly, sometimes life just gets in the way.  We will do our best to post often, aiming for once a week to once every two weeks depending on everything else going on.  Even then, we make no promises that we’ll always be able to stick with whatever schedule we set out.  For that reason, please feel free to click the “follow” button on the right and you’ll be notified via email every time we get something out there for the world to see.

I hope you hang with us for the next little while.  Share your thoughts and ideas and send our posts to whoever you think could benefit from them the most!  Enjoy!



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